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Presenting a winning image to create a compelling first impression is paramount for success in professional, personal and social life. but the certificate of success is quite dependent on others. If what you think about yourself is not projected right, it will affect what others think of you.

Image is a combination of several factors like Dressing, Grooming, Body language, Etiquette, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication.

An image consultant can help people project a winning image in all aspects.


Of course, you can pretend to be oblivious & just sit back and hope it’s something great.

However, over the years it has been seen, that it’s better to craft your image the way you would want others to perceive you, rather than to sit back and wish that it’s great.
If you don’t invest in your professional image, then…..

If you don’t invest in your professional image, then…..

  • Opportunities missed for promotions, career growth or business opportunities with prospective clients.
  • Not able to reflect your inner  strength  outside  through your appearance.
  • Strained relationships with your employer in particular if a professional image is an important part of the work requirement.
  • Disdain from peers or colleagues as they believe you don’t qualify to be in this role.

“In view of the above, can you afford NOT to reach out to an image consultant?”

About IGC

Image Global Consulting is a Bangalore, India based Image firm.  We take pride in having a passionate team of Image Consultants who will bring their collective expertise to help you achieve your personal, professional & social goals.
Shikha Nag

Shikha Nag

Founder & Director – Image Global Consulting  & Indian Academy of Public Speaking

Shikha Nag is a management graduate with corporate work experience in Hospitality, Tours and Travels, Education, Training and Exhibitions Industry.

She is an Internationally Certified Image Consultant from Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and ICBI, Mrs. India-World 2016: 2nd Runners up, Certified in Soft Skills Trainer from Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) & Train The Trainer certification from NABET.

Shikha helps executives to understand the power of a professional imprint. Her specialty lies in Executive Branding & Image Makeover. She & her team will help you build the image of a leader.

“The mistakes which I see often.
  • Ignorant about what others think about you and trying to carve a reputation from this seemingly impossible position.
  • Not investing in yourself although you are the most precious person in your life.
  • Finding justifications like money, time, location, audiences etc. for not appearing, behaving and communicating in your best possible avatar.”

Shikha Nag, Image Consultant

Our Services

Corporate Image Consulting | Personal Image Consulting (Men & Women) | Personal Shopping (Men & Women) | Educational Institutes
Corporate Image Consulting
Our Corporate Services:

Our Corporate Services:

Group Sessions
Individual Sessions
Corporate Image Retainer

How it works?


Personal Image Consultation

How it works?

Personal Shopping for Men


Most men shopping usually has one of four outcomes. 
  1. He goes with a plan to buy specific clothing and & that item only. He is mostly happy with whats available and doesn't wait if he doesn't get what he really wants. He leaves and & is back only when he needs another item.
  2. Doesn't have a plan, just looking at clothing to update his wardrobe but mostly leaves with purchases & later uncovers that his new purchases don't really work with what he already has.
  3. He doesn't find anything at all & leaves.
  4. Finds what he needs, loves and can't wait to try them with the rest of his wardrobe. Shopper number four isn't very common.

With an Image Consultant, you'll learn what suits your shape, coloring and will get a better grasp of how to shop effectively without wasting money on things you don't need, don't like or doesn't fit well. You'll not only find those key pieces that last but you'll also find clothing that flatters your shape and gives you confidence.
Personal Shopping for Women
Learn how to shop for your body shape and coloring thereby creating a personal style so that you never wear a unflattering outfit again.

How it works?


Educational Solution
For education institutes likes MBA schools, Engineering colleges etc the program will help your young students to work on their Image & Public Speaking skills.

For schools we have our sister concern who specialises in training on Public Speaking.

Our Education Services includes:
Group Sessions
Image Retainer with the Institute


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